Affiliate Scheme

Affiliate Scheme

Affiliate Commission

For anyone you refer who signs up and mentions your name, you will receive 10% of their payments for the life of their membership.

At current rates, that would mean if you sign someone up and they join on a monthly basis, you would receive £9.70 each month, or £99.70 each year if they join on an annual basis.

Mindset Mastery Movement Member Bonus

If you are an existing member of the Movement when your friend signs up, then as an extra-special thank you, your commission will be 12.5% instead of 10% while you remain a member.

So that’s £12.12 per month for monthly members, or £124.62 for annual members.

If you leave the Movement at any stage and your referral stays in, then your commission from that point will drop back to the standard 10%, of course.

How To Register Your Affiliate Recommendation

Once you’ve had a chat with them about the Mindset Mastery Movement (and probably shown them the MMM page), if they are interested then just have them book a Mindset Mastery Movement Chat (which they can do from the Mindset Mastery Movement page), and ask them to mention your name (it’ll ask how they found out about the MMM, they can pop your name in there), and that’s them recorded as your affiliate referral.

How Do I Get Paid

Once you have your first affiliate signup I’ll get in touch to arrange this – preferred method will be via BACS.

If you prefer a different method of payment we can discuss this, but if there are fees involved then you would be responsible for covering them.

You will be paid within 3 working days of receipt of their cleared payment each time (I’m doing this manually. I’ll aim to pay the day I receive their funds, but please allow an extra couple of days just in case).

What Counts As An Affiliate Recommendation

When you talk with someone about the Movement, and get them interested enough for them to book a chat with me and then they sign up, that counts as an official referral.

On the other hand, if you tell me “Hey, that would be good for Bob, you should give Bob a call” – well that’s not an affiliate referral!