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The Abridged Almost Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Phobias*
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Packed with value and insight into phobias, why we have them, and how to conquer them.

written by Keith Blakemore-Noble
UK’s #1 Fear Strategist

Simple and empowering guide to phobias. You are not alone, it’s not your fault and you needn’t live with it. Keith explains in a clear and non-judgemental way why we get phobias and how to easily overcome them. 

Anna Williams-Pluck,

What This Ebook Has To Offer

This is not a flimsy four-page fluff-filled freebie!

This is a 30-page exploration of the key points that you need to know about the topic of phobias.


What is a phobia? What is the difference between phobia and fear? What are its symptoms? What sort of people are affected? What are the most common phobias?


Why do people develop phobias in the first place? Is there something fundamentally wrong with them, or can it truly happen to anyone? And if so, how?


How can phobias be cured? We take a look at some of the older, less successful (and frankly more terrifying) approaches which used to be used, before we take a more detailed look at the faster, friendlier, funner Freedom From Phobia process.


Finally we take a look at the evidence and proof that the Freedom From Phobia process not only works, but gets tremendous permanent results, by examining the stories of some of the people whose lives it has changed for the better.

It’s clear by reading Keith’s ebook that there is way more to phobias than I was previously aware of!

Keith shows that you don’t need to suffer this phobia any longer. He has the experience and answers to completely clear your phobia forever, without being put through any of the nasty experiences we imagine.

Keith is the person I would refer people to when they want to clear their phobias, and his track record speaks for itself.

John Keedwell,
Film-Maker and Photographer,

If you have ever wanted to know about phobias then this ebook is a must read.

The layout and flow of information, plus the expressive, humorous illustrations bringing it to life, give you the what’s so of them.

The information, from their cause to their cure, helps you understand the nature and types of phobias, and reassures you that you are not alone in suffering from them and you don’t have to remain at their mercy. 

Carol Anne Cooper,
Educational Kinesiologist,

Some Of What You'll Discover...

  • Why the stronger your phobia, the easier it is for you to conquer it (page 13)
  • How Martin went from being terrified of heights, to loving hanging out with skiers in ski-lifts in the Alps (page 22)
  • Just how quickly and easily anyone can develop a phobia (page 9)
  • How Freedom From Phobia not only helps people to conquer their own phobias easily, but often makes them laugh throughout the process (page 13)
  • What a phobia actually is (page 6) and why it’s not just the same as a simple fear (page 8)
  • Why you don’t need to know or remember how you developed your phobia (page 16)
  • Why the older, scarier “cures” are not necessary (pages 11-12)

This ebook explains perfectly what phobias really are and how to get rid of them.

A must read!


Simone Vincenzi,
Co-Founder GTeX,

In this ebook Keith Blakemore-Noble shows how phobia is a curable condition. Keith is an expert-by-experience and has helped many people overcome a wide variety of phobias using methods that he has developed over many years. ‘Freedom from Phobia’ is an engaging and very humane understanding of how phobias occur. It also shows how some treatments and reactions however well-meaning, have not always helped in addressing phobias and enabling people to find effective ways out of them. I don’t suffer from a phobia myself but as someone who has worked in mental health for many years, I am confident in recommending Keith’s down-to-earth strategies.

John Vanek,
Life Coach,

A Word From Your Author

This ebook represents the distillation of knowledge and experience gained over 8 years of helping people around the world to understand and conquer their phobias.

All of my knowledge about phobias is now at your disposal!

Why Wait? GRAB IT NOW!

An easy and enjoyable read.

It not only gave me a good understanding of phobias, but it also reassured me a lot when I discovered that Keith does not use the old scary ways of curing phobias!
I can’t wait to work with Keith to get rid of my phobia.
Highly recommended. 


Lara Beach,
Beach Craft Spirits,