Mindful Networking 1 August 2023

Mindful Networking 1 August 2023

Mindful Networking 1 August 2023

Event Date:

August 1, 2023

Event Time:

12:00 PM

Event Location:

on Zoom

What do you get when you gather together a group of business owners who are also aware of the power of mindfulness?

You get 4NOnline’s Mindful Networking!

A 90 minute online business network meeting (thanks to good old Zoom – where would we have been without it these past few years?) with all the usual networking opportunities, all with a mindful twist.

You get Mindful Networking – Business Networking, with a Mindful Twist, where people from businesses of all shapes and sizes get together not only to make connections, but also to explore how we can bring mindfulness into all areas of life and business.

As well as all the usual opportunities which good quality online networking brings, allowing us to network with likeminded businesses across the entire UK and beyond, we explore different ways in which we can embrace mindfulness through ur range of guest speakers over the different meetings, exploring many different aspects.

To help this, we even include a 5 minute guided meditation, led by the host of the popular 5 Minute Meditation podcast, right here in the meeting.

The meditation is suitable for all levels, from absolute beginner to seasoned practitioner.

Our meeting includes –

  • 10 minutes of open networking to get your connecting off to a great start;
  • Your 40 second pitch to let us know what you offer;
  • Our unique 5 minute guided meditation, suitable for all levels from absolute beginner to seasoned practitioner;
  • 4Sight – an interesting, information, and inspiring 18 minute talk from a 4N member, exploring different facets of incorporating mindfulness into all areas of life;
  • 3 x 10 minute 121s – you never know who you meet, nor the connections you might form;

Our meeting is fun and friendly, and open to everyone whatever your level of experience with mindfulness may be – all are welcome, all are valid.

Book Your Spot

Because of the 5 minute meditation, and the nature of this meeting, we do cap numbers slightly lower than most meetings, to rather than risk it selling out and missing your spot why not reserve your ticket now?

Tickets are £6+VAT for 4N members, £15+VAT for non-members, and if you have never been before but fancy trying it out, I might be able to get you in as a guest for a free visit so you can check it out, just get in touch with me and let’s see what we can do.

Book your ticket here, and I look forward to welcoming you to this fabulous meeting.

This Week’s Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker this week will be Sheena Whyatt with her talk “How I Met Elizabeth“.

Join us to discover how Super Business Coach Sheena Whyatt got to know Elizabeth – a WW2 Spitfire.

Find out how she learned where she was made, who flew her, where she ended that journey, and how Sheena came to fly her over the White Cliffs of Dover.

Perhaps most importantly of all, discover what this taught Sheena about reverence, reflection, and thankfulness.

Event Timelines

11:50 - Open Networking

We open the Zoom Room 10 minutes early to allow everyone to get in, get settled, and do a bit of general chatting, so we are ready to start the main networking bang on midday.

12:00 - Welcome and Introductions

A warm welcome to all our networkers, where we all get to share who we are, what we do, who we are looking for. Many of our members enjoy this part as they get to quickly see who would be great connections, and who they could help. Looking for a specific connection or introduction? Mention it here, and you never know who in the room might be able to make it happen!

12:25 - 5 Minute Meditation

The thing which makes us different - a live, guided, 5 minute meditation. Suitable for everyone fro absolute beginner to seasoned professional, this meditation helps us focus our minds, builds our mindfulness, and relaxes us into the rest of our day.

12:30 - Expert Insight

Our special guest speaker shares their insights into their topic of expertise. It might be an experience they had, lessons they learned, tips and invites to share - you never know what you are going to learn, but one thing is certain : it is NEVER a sales pitch.

13:00 - 121 Connections

Your chance to have a 121 chat with 3 different people, right here in the meeting. A two-way conversation to find out a little more about each other and your businesses. Connections are made, friendships get formed, business grows.

13:30 - Networking Concludes

We finish bang on 1:30pm so as to be respectful of your time and other commitments. That said, we are a friendly bunch, and we keep the Zoom room open for another 10 minutes or so for those who wish to hang back and do a little bit of last minute networking before returning to our days, mindfully refreshed and better connected.

Event FAQs

How Much Are Tickets?

Tickets are £6+VAT for 4N members, £15+VAT for non-members.

I've never been before, can I get a free trial?

If you have never been before but fancy trying it out, I might be able to get you in as a guest for a free visit so you can check it out, just get in touch with me and I'll sort it out.

I've never tried meditation before, is that OK?


Our 5 minute guided meditation is designed to be easy for everyone, whether you meditate daily or whether you've never meditated before - and if it's really not for you, you are more than welcome to sit it out in quiet reflection if that's what you prefer.

I'd love to be a guest speaker.

I'm always looking for good guest speakers for our speaker slot (the 4Sight, as it's called).

The 4Sight is a 20 minute presentation which is never a sales pitch, but an insight into a specialist field, experience or interesting area of your life.

4Sights are a brilliant way to raise your profile within the network and to sharpen your presentation skills, and are one of the benefits of membership.

If you are a 4N member and you would be interested in an opportunity to present to our group, please get in touch with me and let's discuss!

We are looking for 4Sights on a wide range of themes, all that we ask is that they relate in some way to mindfulness, such as how to bring mindfulness into an area of your life or business.

Total Seats: 20
  • on Zoom

Event Schedule Details

  • August 1, 2023 12:00 PM   -   1:30 PM
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