Stage fright can hit any performer, at any level. Sometimes it’s always there, holding back a promising career; sometimes it can strike out of the blue, debilitating even the seasoned professional performer.

Read how Keith helped singer go from being too shy to perform in public, to singing in Parliament Square!

Stage fright is basically the fear of public speaking, and/or performing in front a group of people.

It shows itself in different ways for different please – for some it might be the mind going blank; for others it might be sweaty palms, a tremble in the voice, butterflies in the stomach; for yet others it can become a full-blown panic attack.

In some people, stage fright is simply a lack of confidence in their ability to perform. For some, it is a worry that the audience will be judging them, and not kindly. While for other people, it can be a more deep-seated anxiety.

The great news is that regardless of the underlying cause, it is entirely possible to completely overcome Stage Fright once and for all, and turn yourself into the Shining Light you deserve to be.

Let's take you from Stage Fright to Shining Light!

Stage Fright to Shining Light helps you to completely eliminate stage fright, and turns you into a powerfully confident performer, just as I did with Ruta Kaite.

We get to know each other first with an efficient no-obligation chat, where work together to understand the precise issues you are facing. From this, we create a detailed plan of attack to enable you to make the changes you want to make.

We the work together using a methodical approach to take you through the entire plan, annihilating that audition anxiety forever!

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