Find out how Keith helped the popular star of a hit BBC reality show to nail her confidence for the show.

You are unique. Your style is unique. And your situation is unique. So naturally, you are looking for coaching tailored to your unique needs.

Which is where my Bespoke Coaching comes in! Before the program even starts, we sit down and discuss exactly what you want to gain from it, and then design the entire program around your requirements.

That’s exactly what Franny did when she was getting ready to appear on the hit BBC TV show Love In The Countryside. She wanted specific help with a few particular areas before she went on the show, so she came to work with me and that’s exactly what we did. As a result, all her concerns and worries about how she might be portrayed, how the other contestants might react, etc, all disappeared, enabling her to be truly herself on screen and off – which is one of the main reasons she is still to this day in touch with many members of the crew and production company!

Other clients have sought help in being able to better memorise their lines, help with their self-image, help with overall confidence,and many other areas.

It's Time For Some Bespoke Coaching

This is a completely bespoke process, tailored to your specific situation, circumstances, and requirements.

We get to know each other first with an efficient no-obligation chat, where work together to understand the precise issues you are facing. From this, we create a detailed plan of attack to enable you to annihilate your audition anxiety.

We them work together using a methodical approach to take you through the entire plan, getting you the results you want.

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