Auditions are an essential part of any successful performer’s life. They are, after all, how we actually get cast for parts, how we demonstrate what we can do to directors and to agents alike. It’s our chance to stand out and shine, to showcase our talents and dazzle them, leaving them with no doubts that we are the one they need.

Unfortunately, the reality is for a great many performers – both the seasoned professional as well as the newcomer – auditions can be an incredibly anxious time, and a source of massive anxiety, panic, or worse.

Sometimes this can mean we do not perform at our best, and so we end up fluffing our audition and not making it through to there next round – which, of course, simply compounds our anxieties next time because hey, look, we were worried we were not good enough and as we guessed we didn’t get it.

For others, the anxiety can be so massive that we end up missing auditions – either deliberately by choosing not to go, or because other things always seem to crop up, such as ill health or a bad cold or a sore throat or loss of voice just before the audition so we can to cancel it – or we get so anxious and scared that we end up cancelling them, or in the worst cases we even avoid seeking any to start with.

For yet other people, audition anxiety can be around the perceived scarcity – will there be enough auditions? Will you get more auditions? What if there aren’t any more for months? All of which piles on enormous pressure to nail this one. Which, of course, increases our anxiety during the audition, making us less likely to succeed, because we are so anxious about there being so few of them.

That's where Annihilate Audition Anxiety comes in!

This is a completely bespoke process, tailored to your specific situation, circumstances, and requirements.

We get to know each other first with an efficient no-obligation chat, where work togethetr tpo understand the precise issues you are facing. From this, we create a detailed plan of attack to enable you to annihilate your audition anxiety.

We them work together using a methodical approach to take you through the entire plan, annihilating that audition anxiety forever!

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