Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.
― Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein

When it comes to change, there are two main areas which cause people so many problems. Paradoxically one is rooted in fear, the other in desire.

Fear Of Change

On the one hand, change can be scary. Terrifying, even, in some cases.

At the very least it is unsettling – that whole transition from the known into the unknown.

We know how to act in our current situation, things are more or less under control, it is comfortable – the very definition of being in our Comfort Zone.

When something changes, all of this changes with it.

We are facing unknown situations, unknown challenges, we do not know how to act, which feels really uncomfortable, challenging, terrifying.

Unsure How To Change

On the other hand, change can be highly desirable and yet seemingly unattainable.

We know we want to make a change but for some reason we find we ourselves unable to make lasting change.

We might be scared of what the change will bring.

Or we don’t know how to go about making that change.

Or worse, we might find that we start making the change, but we end up reverting back to our old behaviours every time.

Whichever way Change is causing you problems, I can help.

I can help by using the same tried and tested processes and techniques which I’ve successfully used to help thousands of people over the past 11 years.

Fear Of Change

This is, as might be expected, very much down to fear.

It’s rarely the actual change which is the root of the fear, however.

It’s far more likely to be fear of the unknown, or fear of how to cope in the new situation, or fear of what could go wrong (or go right!).

To overcome this, you and I would work together to uncover the underlying fear, and then remove it, replacing it with enthusiasm and excitement about the change and the opportunities it offers, together with the confidence that you will be able to handle whatever happens.

The end result is that what used to feel like a terrifying change now becomes an eagerly anticipated exciting situation.

Unsure How To Change

If you already know you want to make a change, but are stuck on how to make it, I can help you.

I can even help you with the more difficult task of making sure that change sticks (rather than everything just going back to how it was previously again).

I’ve got a 6 step process for creating lasting change which forms the basis of the work we do together. We cover all aspects including the emotions, the decisions, the skills you need, even your values – all of which work together to help you create massive, positive, long-lasting change.

Whether you need all 6 steps, or just need a little help with one aspect, working together can make a massive difference to your outcomes.

Important Note

This whole process isn’t something I “do” to you – it is something which you do under my guidance. You must want to make lasting change, and you must be serious about wanting the results. It is essential that you participate fully and do everything asked of you. If you do, then you will leave our session(s) feeling great about the change you are creating.

Ongoing Support

For most people, once they have conquered their fear around change, or once they have taken their 6 Steps For Lasting Change, they are good to go and to get on with enjoying this new phase of their life.

However, some people feel they would benefit from just a little extra light steering especially in the initial months.

Which is where Ongoing Support comes in.

It has two components, designed to help you stay on track, and to add any course-corrections swiftly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss.

Part one is the monthly Progress Worksheet. This keeps you in touch with your goals, help keep you on course, and for those rare occasions where you feel you may have slipped, it provides a quick, early, and easy way to track this, alerting you to it before it becomes a problem.

Part two is the monthly 15 minute Zoom session, where we sort whatever needs sorting based on your worksheet, and if there’s nothing untoward that month, then it’s a good 15 minute hypnosis session to boost your mindset and bolster your ability to remain confidently and resolutely on target.

Available both on a pay-monthly basis, and on a 6-month package for a discount. Take as many or as few as you feel you need.

Important note – these are only to keep you on track, and thus can only be taken once you’ve completed your Change program. They can only be used for issues related to your goals from that program – specifically they can’t be used to address any other non-related issues which arise, due to the short time and tight focus.

Embracing Effective Change - your options

1 off session

Single session to target a single issue

Pre-session worksheet

60 minute Zoom session

3 Month Program

3 months to cover the 6 Steps for Change

Initial call to set up expectations

3 x 60 minute Zoom calls

Email support in-between calls

Includes 1 month of Ongoing Support program

6 Month Package

6 months for 6 Steps For Change and beyond.

Initial call to set up expectations

6 x 60 minute Zoom calls (1 per month)

Email support in-between calls

Custom hypnosis track to use whenever you need it

Includes 2 months of Ongoing Support program

Ongoing Support - your options

Ongoing Support

Monthly basis

Available after Embracing Effective Change program

Monthly basis

1 check-in worksheet monthly

1 x 15 minute Zoom session monthly

Ongoing Support

6 month paid-in-advance pack

Available after Embracing Effective Change program

Monthly basis

1 check-in worksheet monthly

1 x 15 minute Zoom session monthly

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