Fear of Spiders

Jan Douglas, Wokingham, UK

Imagine what life would be like if you were so scared of spiders that you could not even enter a room if you spotted a spider lurking within?  To not be able, for example, to go to the bathroom because there was a spider there and nobody else in the house to remove it?  That’s got to have rather an impact upon your life!

Now imagine how much relief you would feel to have that whole phobia removed, so that instead of screaming at the sight of a spider, you just have a little chuckle to yourself as you carry on your daily business.  Just imagine how much of a difference that would make to your daily life?

I have been afraid of spiders for many years, going back to my childhood but cannot pinpoint exactly when I became scared of them. Keith spent some time with me to work on my fear, he had me crying tears of laughter by the end of the meeting by using his amazing skills to turn my fear to laughter, it was such a fun experience for me.

I use to scream out and shiver at the sight of a spider and would not enter a room if I could see one in there.

When i see a spider now, I would still rather not give it a cuddle but instead of screaming in fear, I have a little chuckle to myself which tells me that my fear is no more, Keith made me feel so comfortable throughout and I am certain he will continue to help many more people.

I would definitely recommend Keith to others and look forward to reading many more testimonials from happy people who he has helped.

– Jan Douglas, Wokingham, UK.

Jan was initially very skeptical about the whole idea that a life-long phobia of spiders could be cured quickly and easily, but she was prepared to work with me and to give it her best shot.  Which was essential, because as with all such work, it is the patient who cures their own phobia, I simply serve as the guide who helps them to see the path they can take to make the changes they need to make.  For phobias, it’s a fun and simple process – in this case it as a lot of fun as we were both in fits of laughter by the end of it!  But hey, it worked, and Jan is no now longer afraid of spiders in the slightest, as she mentioned to me more recently –

I saw a massive fat spider last week in lounge, it had big eyes and huge fat legs, I stood still, looked at it and thought of it wearing pink tutu, bowler hat and riding a horse hee hee, I didn’t like the spider but for the first time in my life, I got a glass and piece of card and very quickly retrieved it and put it outside! Yay and my son was upstairs and I didn’t scream for help.

Which is great news for her and great news for the spiders too, who are free to go about their business unhindered.

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