Fear of Flying and Heights

Liz Bruce, Moray, Scotland

Liz came to see me about her phobia of flying. She said that even the thought of going to the airport was extremely stressful for her, let alone actually sitting in the plane and taking off. As you can imagine, it was causing a real problem for the family when they went on holidays.

We had a chat about her situation, and discovered that there were actually two phobias working together here – not only did she have a phobia of flying, but she also had a phobia of heights!  Naturally this had an impact on flying, but it also had a big impact on more day-to-day activities, including driving over bridges…

I found that I couldn’t go across a large bridge (living in Scotland there’s quite a few!), so if I wanted to go to Edinburgh or Perth I had to have somebody with me to drive over the bridge.

By the time she came to me, Liz had tried several other courses and programs to overcome her phobia, especially around flying, all to no avail.

He really put me at ease, we had a lot of fun, and he explained everything to me; since I had the session, my fear has gone.

Prior to our work together, even just talking about flying or crossing a high bridge, Liz would show visible signs of discomfort and she felt her palms getting sweaty. After we’d completed the session together? She was perfectly happy to talk about them, and to imagine crossing high bridges, to imagine going on a long flight, and felt absolutely fine about it.  Quite a change!

A few weeks later, I got a message from a very excited Liz –

Keith just thought you would want to know I drove over the Perth bridge on Friday and today. I sailed over it without a hesitation or sweaty palms. I would also have done Forth Road Bridge if it had been open. I am cured  Big Thank you!

– Liz Bruce, Moray, Scotland.

Best of all, just before Christmas Liz and her family flew down to London, and flight which Liz managed without any pills and without experiencing any of her old symptoms. Indeed, it wasn’t until they were already in their London hotel after the flight down that Liz thought “I didn’t take my pills before flying. Oh, I guess I don’t need them anymore!”.

In Her Own Words

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