Fear of Dentists


Many people are literally terrified of dentists, perhaps to the point of feeling that they’d rather be dead than visit one.  Some have specific fears, others simply feel massive anxiety at the mere thought of visiting the dentist

That was the position of one of my clients, M, who said when he came to see me –

“I have not been able to go and see a dentist (since I was very young), as even the thought of it always filled me with dread and anxiety”

Imagine facing a life where the prospect of continual toothache agony (or worse) is preferable to going to the dentist for check-ups? That is the unfortunate reality for many.

Some people can pinpoint the exact event which made them terrified of dentists, others can’t but know that even the thought of going makes them feel anxious or worse.  In M’s case, he knew that he had gone through a very bad experience when he was very young, but no matter how hard he tried to rationalise things, he could not bring himself to go. Even though he knew it was affecting his teeth and could lead to greater problems in the future.

Eventually deciding that enough was enough, M came to me, desperate for help so that he could finally actually make it to the dentist.  We worked together for a single session during which M totally cured himself of his hitherto unbreakable phobia –

The process only took a short time to complete and does work. I now no longer have any feelings of fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist.

No confrontations, no discomfort – M was laughing out loud during parts of the process, so funny did he find the situations he was going through as he rid himself of that lifelong phobia.

This is typical of the Freedom from Phobia experience, a single session usually including much fun and laughter, and by the end of it you can’t even remember how to do that old phobia any more!

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