Fear of Spiders

Paul, Wokingham, UK

Arachnophobia (from the Greek: ἀράχνη, aráchnē, “spider” and φόβος, phóbos, “fear”) is an intense irrational fear of spiders and is perhaps the most common phobia around. People with arachnophobia, whilst often admitting that their fear is irrational, can find this to be a very problematic phobia – they can tend to feel uneasy in any area spiders where they feel spiders may be lurking, and if they see a spider then they might not even be able to enter the room. In some extreme cases, even a picture or a realistic drawing of a spider or a touch from an object which feels spider-like can also trigger the fear.

So you can imagine how great it would feel to be free of the phobia.  In days gone by, it could take years of psychotherapy to help the sufferer to reach the point of being able to cope with the symptoms; fortunately these days new techniques enable the sufferer to completely cure themselves of the phobia itself in a very short period of time.  It was such a technique which I used with Paul, who takes up the story –

I’m 31, and since I was 6 I had a strong phobia of spiders; I would flinch at the sight of one, I would scream, I would run.  For hours after seeing one I would tremble and shake; it was so severe that I couldn’t even watch any films that had spiders in.
When I was younger, they also used to give me nightmares about spiders coming into my room and attacking me – it was really scary.

I went to see Keith and discussed my fear with him and he said there’s a process which could help me.  Now, I was very sceptical at the time but I tried it and it works 100%.  The core process itself took 10 minutes to complete, and that’s it. I’m completely cured. Spiders don’t bother me in the slightest; I don’t get nightmares about them.

I would highly recommend Keith if you have any phobias whatsoever about anything at all, he’s your man.

– Paul, Wokingham, UK.