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Pippa works with Brad Burton, the UK’s number one motivational business speaker. Part of her job is to facilitate Brad in going into corporates franchises and big businesses and organisations, to get him in to motivate their teams.

In order to drive the business, hey needed to change from being reactive, to being far more pro-active in approaching the sort of businesses which would benefit from Brad speaking to them.

Of course, this meant picking up the phone and making a lot more calls.

Unfortunately, like many people (you’d be surprised how many businesses suffer massively because of this), Pippa had a kind of fear about picking up the phone and making those calls to people who perhaps weren’t expecting a call from her.

So of course, those calls never got made.

Eventually, Pippa realised that if this was going to change, she had to Do Something about it.

She’d known me for a good couple of years, and knew what I did, so she got in touch and had an exploratory conversation to see if this was something with which I could help her. We explored her situation, and after agreeing to move forward, came up with a plan of action.

The very next day we had our proper session, over Zoom (handy given we live at opposite ends of the country) – a session which Pippa described as “mind-blowing!”.

As Pippa describes the session – 

We worked through everything that I had an issue with, and Keith brought forward some things I didn’t expect. It was quite emotional but actually it was just incredible and after I came off the call with Keith I was fired up and I couldn’t wait to get on with the calls – I started making them straight away! I actually quite enjoy making them, and actually the feedback from the phone calls I’ve been making is so positive that I wonder why I’d held off for so long. 

She goes on to say

Thank you so much Keith – honestly I wouldn’t be doing it if I hadn’t have that called you – and if anyone has a phobia about anything at all I cannot recommend them having a chat with you highly enough – you are incredible!

If you are curious about conquering your phone phobia (or any other phobia), find out more here.

In Her Own Words

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